I’ve been with Playfit since 2008. The sessions are a great mix of fun, competitiveness and cardio. The perfect way to make friends and keep fit.
— Kris McKay

- We play indoors, all our games are mixed, & both women & men are allowed in the key
- All new players must play a trial game before joining. As long as you have a good attitude on and off the court you are welcome to join.
We are NOT a casual drop-in club. Members join a session and play at the same time & place each week. Marking soled shoes, watches, earrings, jewlery, or GLASSES are not allowed.
- Players must attend at least 70% of games (measured over 90 days). 
- Members must pay for games that they are unable to attend.  
- Players are welcome to join mid season subject to availability.

Step 1 – Check availability (below).

Step 2 – Book a trial game (cost $13.99) to see if Playfit is right for you! As long as you have a good attitude on and off court you are welcome to join. 

Step 3 – Join the club! 


Playfit in St Kilda


Playfit on St Kilda Road